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Training Evaluation Form

1. The purpose of education and learning objectives were clearly stated.

2. The training practice achieved its aims and objectives.

3. The duration of the training was sufficient

4. The duration allocated to the topics was appropriate.

5. The training was well planned and structured

6. The educational materials were impressive and facilitator of learning

7. Practices and exercises were reinforced learning.

8. Training has given me new knowledge and skills.

9. I will be able to use the knowledge and skills I gained during training in daily life.

10. I had the opportunity to correct and refresh my knowledge during training.

11. The atmosphere of training created during the training was warm and relaxing.

12. Instructors were compatible with each other ( for more than one instructor)

13. I believe I've had enough practice.

14. Different training methods and techniques were used harmoniously.

15. Throughout training my attention was constantly kept alive.

16. The written documents presented during the training were sufficient

17. You have been informed in advance about the content of the training

18. Training started on time

19. Training finished on time

20. Training environment (heat, light, sound, etc. ) was suitable for training.

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* Fill out the training evaluation form and click on send. Then click on the button below to fill out the "Instructor Evaluation Form".

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