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Collaboration Training Programs

Enabling Metal Industry material and service providers to meet sector leaders in Turkey and to establish a qualified business environment is one of METEM’s activity areas.



METEM hereby declares that it will support and assume responsibility for any training, seminar and workshop activity that would bring together the manufacturers in our sector with supplier companies, enable such parties to convey their needs and expectations and ensure functional ease, efficiency, safety and environmental protection in manufacturing processes.

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Preparation Process For Training Activities

As METEM, the training preparation stages that we wish to be transmitted by you;


  • Training  learning objectives and the instructor's photographed resume must be submitted to Metem 25 days before the training day.

  • Training announcement is necessary for the design of the Data Sheet and sharing it with the target audience, for the setting of returns and for the creation of a definitive list of participants.

  • Preparation of Training Day program and delivery to METEM 25 days before training day

  • Preparation and delivery of the pre-post test forms to be used in training by the company instructors to be collaborated with

  • Delivery of training materials ( presentation, training note, etc.) to us 10 days before the training date,

  • Determination of where and between the dates of the training activity.In this regard, the criteria of hotels and lounges determined by METEM are communicated to the parties.

  • The costs of determining the training venue, preparation of the training hall, lunch for the guests attending the training, coffee break during the training, and, if deemed appropriate, the costs of the dinner services with the participants will belong to the company to which the cooperation will take place.

  • The posters of the company, which will be METEM and cooperation during the training day, will be used in the training hall.

  • During training, to meet with the participants in accordance with the adult education rules, to take expectations, and if desired making the pre-test, to perform small games with the participants for keeping the group energy up after lunch, to fill out final test and the METEM training evaluation forms at the end of the day, and recording of the oral feedback receiving from the participants related to the training will be carried out by METEM.

Reporting After Training

  • The Training Evaluation Report within 10 working days after the training is sent to the collaborating company.

  • The press release and social media sharing of the training will be carried out by Metem.

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  • Training hours: 09.30-12.30, 13.30–17.00

  • At the end of the training, participants who attend the training on a full day basis will be given a certificate of participation at the end of the training day.The certificate will contain executive signatures of two institutions.

  • Max. 25 people can attend to this kind of training.

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