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The “Safe and Together” Movement aims to improve the competence of our target audience, enable managers to assume leadership roles to create healthy and safe working environments, and to evolve this into a system that treats Employee Health and Safety with the values of a «positive organizational culture» in the organizational processes.

Positive Leadership, Positive Communication and Positive Behavior constitute the framework of our approach. Our activities also include Focus Group Interviews to determine the current situation of the business and to accurately determine targets, Trainings and business-specific Monitoring-Support activities.

Our goals with all these trainings

  • To place the principles of "modern management and leadership" in sectoral business practices,

  • To provide managers with tools to build a "human-friendly business and working environment" ,

  • To develop training programs and tools to ensure " empowerment of professionals and experts "in the field of Health and Safety Working within the institutional structure,

  • Supporting the "creation of good practice examples" in the industry,

  • To ensure that good practice examples are shared with the sector through "Metem Safe and Sound Together Workshops", that the sector learns from each other, and that healthy and safe sustainable growth is maintained.

Safe & Sound Movement Together

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Corporate Culture

  • Senior management CSG commitment

  • Employee's well-being and psychological health

  • Approaches to employee participation

  • Becoming communities with common goals

"Positive Leadership Culture"

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  • ​Positive language and not to label persons

  • Zero tolerance to mistreatment

  • Learning from mistake

  • Appreciated

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"Positive Communication

Culture "

  • Objective root-cause analysis and risk analysis

  • Rewarding/consolidating strengths

  • Constructive, behavior-oriented feedback

  • Supporting communication

"Positive Behavior Culture"

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People Management and Leadership in Employee Health and Safety (EHS)

Intended for leadership skills about people management and occupational health and safety; they will gain knowledge and skill about human-work- organization-the relationship of management and leadership by reviewing, behavior-oriented leadership and lead the change with perspective of behavior analysis 


Doç Dr İdil Işık

Assoc. Prof. İdil Işık

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Lifting and Carrying Works Safety Training

Administrators who work in the metallurgy sector, to have information about legal regulations related to safe lifting handling, to recognize the safety criteria of the equipment used in lifting handling works, to gain knowledge and skills the personnel who will be involved in the operation and preparation of lifting plans.


Ali Turan


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Risk Assessment Training

The aim of this training is to provide the metallurgical sector managers who will participate in the risk assessment process with the knowledge and skills to evaluate the risks that may arise from occupational accident and occupational disease hazards.


Ali Turan


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Achieving Success in Change Processes

Changing economic and social conditions of today's at the speed of light require us to adapt more effectively to our environment. At this point, managing values successfully within the organization has become very 
important. In this training, we will learn the cornerstones of change processes, and we will get the chance to experience corporate change as if it were leading to real change through a simulation developed by Harvard Business School on change.


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Makinesinde dişleri

Machinery Safety Training

this training aims to provide knowledge to the participants about the European Union Technical Legislation and EU Legislation reflections to Turkey, learning Machine Safety Regulations requirements and analyzing hazard in machines which are used in plants, assessment of risks and minimize that, increasing of safety level.


Ali Turan


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Fire Safety Trainings

Aim is the training of fire teams who will fight to fires that may be in your facility.

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Electricity Safety Training

Informing the metallurgical sector managers about basic electrical principles, knowing the hazards caused by electricity, enlighten about short circuit and electrodes in arc furnace plant, power coefficient, smoothness of electrical grid and protection from work accidents at metal melting plant. 


Ali Turan


Kroki tartışırken mimarlar

Communication for Supporting Healthy and Safe Behavior in the Metal Sector

Mid level managers and junior administrative officers at the end of this training program will be able to reporting the development, giving orders, approving, censuring, explaining policies, solve the disagreements, encouraging. They start using strong communication models by making skill development  While performing the actions of employees to which content, which methods to transfer, will reviewing how to give feedback to employees within the framework of empathetic communication approaches by obtain new information.



Instructor See. Elif SUNGUR

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