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Training Programs

We support sectoral and social development by bringing together experts from universities and the industry, who have extensive know-how and experience, to provide the following training programs for the sector and its employees, with the goal of refreshing managerial and engineering knowledge, conducting business development activities on the problems of the sector and creating value-added through problem solving skills, qualification and awareness.

•    Public training programs
•    Corporate training programs
•    “Safe and Sound Together” movement
•    Collaboration training programs

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This group includes trainings with pre-announced schedules, the subject and content of which comprise of technical trainings as well as trainings which raise individual awareness and help participants to discover their potential with the aim of improving corporate and personal development/efficiency. The training also includes content focused on the sectoral needs in employee health and safety, as the sector is in the hazardous and very hazardous classes.




This group includes training programs to be carried out on the dates and at locations specified by the companies, for the employees of the companies that wish to receive such training services. Training content includes specific professional and technical subjects, as well as Employee Health and Safety topics. Training activities are designed to include company-specific content with case studies and examples prepared using images and processes of the company’s own environment, to the extent allowed by the company.




The “Safe and Together” Movement aims to improve the competence of our target audience, enable managers to assume leadership roles to create healthy and safe working environments, and to evolve this into a system that treats Employee Health and Safety with the values of a «positive organizational culture» in the organizational processes. Positive Leadership, Positive Communication and Positive Behavior constitute the framework of our approach. Our activities also include Focus Group Interviews to determine the current situation of the business and to accurately determine targets, Trainings and business-specific Monitoring-Support activities.

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Enabling Metal Industry material and service providers to meet sector leaders in Turkey and to establish a qualified business environment is one of METEM’s activity areas.
METEM hereby declares that it will support and assume responsibility for any training, seminar and workshop activity that would bring together the manufacturers in our sector with supplier companies, enable such parties to convey their needs and expectations and ensure functional ease, efficiency, safety and environmental protection in manufacturing processes.




Stay tuned for our webinar training programs, which will enable you to access our trainings from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

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