Heat Treatment Training

Purpose of Education

Determination of selection criteria for steel sellers and users in accordance with the purpose of use of steel materials the importance of the place of all heat treatment applications in the process and configuration of all technical details with examples, to gain the necessary knowledge and experience.

Target of Training

All participants at the end of this training;

  • Basic criteria to consider in the selection of materials, especially steel,

  • Steel standards, basic definitions,

  • Recent developments in production methods,

  • Effects of alloying elements on steel and its importance in steel selection,

  • Heat treatment applied to steel and selection of heat treatment method suitable for the purpose of use,

  • Definition of heat treatment and heat treatment methods,

  • Heating, cooling and structure transformations,

  • Will be able to share knowledge and experience on heating and cooling environments, hot forging, hot forging molds.

Who Should Attend

Commercial steel dealers, steel users, engineers, mold manufacturers, machine manufacturers, technical personnel who want to have information about steel selection, foremen and purchasing specialists (using steel)

Training Period is 2 Days

Training Place

Validebağ Adile Sultan Kasrı Öğretmenevi

Training Fee (Per Person)

1.200 ₺ + VAT


Mehmet ASAY

He graduated from the Department of Metallurgical Engineering of the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical of Istanbul Technical University in 1981.


Job Experiences:
BIÇSAN A.Ş. (2015 - Still)
TERMOSAN ISIL İŞLEM A.Ş. (2006 - 2015)
Carbo nitration, normalization, Reclamation, heat treatment applications of manufacturing Steels with continuous furnaces.
ISTAŞ ISIL İŞLEM A.Ş. (2003 – 2006)
Salt baths, induction applications, tool steels and heat treatment applications of manufacturing Steels.
Heat treatment applications of  tool steels and high speed Steels, with salt baths
Heat Treatment Plant Manager. Heat Treatment Applications Of Tool Steels.
Marmara University Faculty of Technical Education (1981 – 1986) Materials and Machine Elements Courses.
Haydarpaşa Industrial Vocational High School (1975 – 1981) Metal Works Department Vocational Courses.


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