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Thermal Spraying
Coating Technologies
(Flame, Arc, Plasma, HVOF) Theoretical and
Practical Industrial Applications Training

Purpose of Education

Giving theoretical knowledge and practical industrial applications of thermal spraying technologies, which have limited infrastructure and scientific competence in our country.

New potential for solving industrial problems such as wear, friction, corrosion, oxidation; Presenting Sprayed Metal, Ceramic, Plastic or Composite Coating Technology to the participants.

Education  target

At the end of this training, all participants;


  • Coating Technologies and Applications

  • Powder and Wire Raw Materials Used in Applications

  • Surface Cleaning and Preparation Processes for Spray Coating Applications

  • Flame Wire, Powder, Electric Arc, Plasma, HVOF and Cold Spray Processes

  • Selection of Coating Production Methods for Industrial Problems

  • Practical Coating Applications  They will have knowledge about theoretical and industrial practical applications.

Contact for Education Applications

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Who Should Attend

Engineers working in surface and coating fields,
Those working in the marketing of surface protection chemicals, technical staff looking for alternative solutions to their current problems, researchers interested in technology in universities

Training Period 1  is the day​

Education place

Validebağ Adile Sultan Pavilion Teacher's House

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91



Prof. Dr. Fatih ÜSTEL

prof. Dr. Fatih USTEL

Fatih ÜSTEL completed his undergraduate education at ITU Sakarya Engineering Faculty Metallurgical Engineering Department. In 1992, he completed his doctoral studies at Sakarya University FBE after his master's degree at ITU Institute of Science and Technology.

He did post-doctoral studies at the Austrian Montan University-Leoben in 1998-1999, at ITU between 2000-2001, at RWTH-Aachen between 2001-2003, and at Jülich Research Center in 2005. He became assistant professor in 2001, associate professor in 2004 and professor in 2009.

As a faculty member at Sakarya University, Department of Metallurgy-Materials Engineering; He has been conducting training and research studies on surface engineering and especially "Thermal Spray Coating Technologies" for about 25 years. Üstel has established the SAU-TESLAB (Sakarya University, Thermal Spray Coating Research and Application Lab.) laboratory, which is the most technological and TÜRKAK accredited spray coating technologies of our country, and is still the coordinator of the relevant laboratory.

Mr. ÜSTEL has theoretical and practical experience in biomedical coating applications and Aerospace-Aerospace coatings within the body of SAU-TESLAB. In addition to coating production, analysis and characterization studies, it conducts research on performance tests of coatings.

Dear ÜsTEL, in different disciplines; He acted as an executive in projects supported by TÜBİTAK (3), BOREN (1), KOSGEB (2), SAN-TEZ (1) and Ministry of Development SPO (2). Mr. ÜsTEL has 3 published patents.

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