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Communication Training to Support Healthy and Safe Behaviors in the Metal Industry

Purpose of Education

At the end of this training program, middle and lower level managers are performing the actions of reporting progress, giving orders, training personnel, approving, condemning, explaining policies, resolving disputes, encouraging and supervising, which content and methods to convey to employees, how to give feedback, empathic communication. Within the framework of their approaches, they will acquire and review new information and begin to use strong communication models by making skill development practices. Participants will understand the benefits of communicating with employees using participatory and two-way communication techniques to produce healthy and safe business results in the enterprise.

Education  target

At the end of this training;

  1. Experiencing the basic steps of empathic communication with the employees with the help of exercises,

  2. Increasing awareness of the impact of participatory communication processes on business results in communication with employees,

  3. Reviewing the motivation dynamics of the employees to obtain healthy and safe business results,  will be provided.

Contact for Education Applications

Kroki tartışırken mimarlar

Who Should Attend

Middle and lower level managers, Production engineers, Production line managers and foremen, Experts and managers working on Occupational Health and Safety.

Training Period 1  is the day​

Education place

Validebağ Adile Sultan Pavilion Teacher's House

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91




Instructor See. Elif SUNGUR

After graduating from Erenköy Girls' High School, she graduated from the Department of Journalism and Public Relations at Istanbul University Press and Broadcasting School. İ.Ü. He graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Management and Organization. İ.Ü. He took doctorate courses at the Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Personnel, Management and Organization. He worked as an assistant at Istanbul University Business and Economics Institute for 3 years, as a Training Manager for 5 years during the establishment period of Holiday Inn İstanbul Hotels, and as a Training Coordinator for 2 years during the establishment period of Artı Danışmanlık. Since 2004, he has been a lecturer at Maltepe University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Publicity. Academic interest, training and consultancy work; He focuses on Health & Safety Culture in Business, Behavior-Oriented Safety Management and Health & Safety Communication. He has been continuing his training and consultancy works with public, private and NGOs for 20 years, publishing in the fields of OHS, communication, culture and behavior. His PhD is in Business Management. The subject of the thesis is “Behavior-Oriented Safety Management Approaches in the Sustainability of Safety Culture”. Thesis is in the writing stage.

On the civil society side, he also continues his duties as the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee Chairman of TUGİM All Entrepreneurs and Business Mentors Association, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Erenköy Girls High School Association, and the Secretary of the SAGİS Health and Safety Communication Symposium, which was hosted by Maltepe University in 2014.

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