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Cathodic Protection by Sectors (Fuel, LPG)

Purpose of Education

It is necessary to understand naturally occurring corrosion and take precautions against it. The rate of corrosion that will occur in metallic structures in soil - water - chemical substance is reduced by "Cathodic Protection". Understanding and correct application of cathodic protection is important for both human health and economy. As a result of incorrect and/or incompletely applied cathodic protection, pipes or tanks may be punctured, explosive / flammable substances may leak into the environment. It is in our hands to prevent this situation, which is a threat to human life. It is extremely important to ensure the continuity of the cathodic protection, which is a legal obligation, by correctly applying and measuring it correctly.

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Who Should Attend

Refineries, fuel companies, LPG distribution companies, natural gas distribution companies, water distribution companies, cement factories, fuel companies, airports fuel distribution lines, construction companies laying pipelines, shipyards.

Education  target

With this training, participants will learn the following topics;

  • Definition of corrosion, affected areas

  • Types and cost of corrosion

  • Cathodic protection definition and application types

    • Galvanic method (Sacrifice anode method

    • outsourced method

  • Underground pipelines, underground storage tanks

  • Platforms, buoys, piers, in-water pipes

  • cathodic protection equipment

    • T/R unit, anodes, reference electrodes

  • Cathodic protection measurements

    • Galvanic method measurements

    • External current source system measurements

  • Common faults in cathodic protection

  • Cathodic protection design, interaction with other systems

  • Evaluation of problems

Training Period 2  is the day​

Contact for Education Applications

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91



Okan İşdaş



ITU Metallurgical Engineering - 1987
Istanbul University Graduate School of Business Administration, Specialization in Business Administration - 1988

London City College, Foreign Trade Certificate Program - 1992
NACE CP Tester Certificate Program - 2004
NACE CP Technician Certificate Program - 2014
NACE Corrosion Technician Certificate Program - 2014


Work experience:
Kroman Steel Industry, Production Eng. – 1989 / 1991
BOS United Oxygen Industry, Sales Development Eng. – 1992 / 1996

SP Engineering Co.Ltd. Firm Partnership – 1996 / Present

Okan İşdaş was born on February 19, 1964 in Izmit. After his education at Izmit High School, he started his education at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy, Department of Metallurgical Engineering. He graduated from the faculty as a Metallurgical Engineer in 1987, and then specialized in business management at Istanbul University Institute of Business Economics.

He started his career at Kroman Çelik Sanayii A.Ş. and took a break from London City College in England to study the Foreign Trade Certificate Program. Returning to England, he worked as a sales development engineer in the field of welding gases at BOS (50% Koç Holding, 50% British Oxygen Company-BOC Joint Venture). He founded SP Mühendislik Ltd.Şti. with Cengiz Budur, whom he graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy in 1996 and worked with at BOS.

He completed NACE CP Tester Certificate Program in the USA in 2004, NACE CP Technician Certificate Program and NACE Corrosion Technician Certificate Program in 2014.

Okan İşdaş's article named “Electochemical Corrosion Principles” was published in the Metallurgy Journal and he gave many seminars in the sector. Apart from the sector, he gave training on corrosion and cathodic protection at the Chamber of Metallurgical Engineers and Yeditepe University.

Okan İşdaş, who has done projects in Turkey and abroad, has also introduced methods that have not been applied before in Turkey, such as polymeric anode.

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