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Practice and Scenario Planning Service

Purpose of Education

Within the framework of the legal legislation, it is the planning of the drills according to the existing dangers in the enterprise, the writing of the scenarios of the responsible and duty employees in the teams prepared against the emergency situations within the framework of the emergency plan and the ability to implement this scenario by the enterprise and the employees in accordance with the legislation.

Preparing the exercise result report and sharing it with the business managers are included in this service.

Education  target

The skills that the participants will gain at the end of the training;

  • Establishing exercise scenarios by cooperating with the safety and security expert staff of the enterprise, of our expert trainer and consultant staff from outside the enterprise,

  • Ensuring that scenarios and applications pass safely and securely,

  • Preparation and filling of observer and motion compasses,

  • Evaluation and reporting of the exercise,

  • The content consists of preparing the exercise and scenario service report and presenting it to the business authorities, sharing the innovations and suggestions.

Image by Alvaro Reyes

Training Period 1  is the day​

The exercise is 1 full day.

Contact for Education Applications

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91


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