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Basic Disaster Awareness Training

Purpose of Education

Identification of all hazards for disasters frequently seen in our country, especially earthquakes, and
minimizing the possibility of the occurrence of the risk or reducing its severity, providing the employees with the "Basic Disaster Awareness Culture" of the right behaviors and approaches to be taken before, during and after the disaster. 

Education  target

The skills that the participants will gain at the end of the training;

  • Knowing disasters and emergencies,

  • disaster management and planning

  • Knowing the steps of planning,

  • Establishing pre-disaster teams,

  • Be able to plan harm reduction approaches

  • Getting to know the emergency plan procedures,

  • Getting to know the training and exercises, their features
    to know,

  • Recognize emergency supplies and equipment.

  • Injured and stranded in emergencies
    make intervention applications (implementation of injured transport techniques).

Image by Giancarlo Revolledo


Participants who are found successful at the end of the training will be given a "FUNDAMENTAL DISASTER AWARENESS EDUCATION CERTIFICATE".

Training Period 1  is the day​

Contact for Education Applications

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91


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