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Facility Project Management and Economics Training

Purpose of Education

Examination of the processes to be experienced during the project design of a facility starting from the feasibility stage and the realization of the investment through an existing example.

Education  target

At the end of this training, all participants;

  • They will be able to review the examples of how the employees in business development will follow the developments of their sectors,

  • They will be able to learn about the feasibility calculations based on the idea of business development,

  • Will be able to realize the effect of R&D studies on feasibility and realization of investment,

  • They will be able to determine the points to be considered in the selection of machinery and equipment and the comparison of offers.

  • Based on examples, they will be able to learn about structuring the organization and pricing in the later stages of the investment,

  • Will be able to determine the basic elements of feasibility and evaluation criteria,

  • Based on the case study, they will be able to gain knowledge and skills on tender processes and evaluation of tenders,

  • After the tender, they will be able to access summary information about the contracts.

Image by Patrick Hendry

Who Should Attend

Engineers and middle managers working in business development, planning, investment and production

Training Period 2  is the day​

Education place

Validebağ Adile Sultan Pavilion Teacher's House

Contact for Education Applications

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91



Mehmet İlhan Göknel

Mehmet İlhan GÖKNEL

Primary School: Mimar Kemal Primary School – Ankara
High School: Yenilevent High School – Istanbul
Higher Education: ITU Mining Faculty Mining Business. bl. ( Licence)
ITU Institute of Science and Technology. Mining Business bl. (Degree)
1986 – 1987 Magnesit AŞ, Drilling and Mineral Processing Engineer I started my career with the construction of a 4 km water transmission line. Later, I worked on drilling and geological prospecting activities and the continuity of raw material resources. Before I left, my job was to do the engineering of the ore preparation facility, and after that, I was in all stages of the investment and commissioning of the “Heavy Liquid Separation” facility, which will be used for the first time in Turkey.

1988 – 1994 Esan Eczacibaşı AŞ, Product Manager; Head of Sales Services; At the beginning, I got a job at Esan, the Production Planning Chief, with the task of researching new products and new markets. In the following period, I focused on commercial issues such as sales and shipments and exports. Before I left, I was assigned to the production planning task.

1994 – 2000 Elkim AŞ, Free Trade Elkim AŞ, I continued my work on commercial issues. I carried out my activities in the fields of plastic raw materials from the Netherlands, PUR additives from Germany, mold release agents from Spain, corundum from Brazil, sales and representation of various raw materials from Japan.

2000 – 2001 Polat Maden, Production Manager. I worked on the operation, planning and projecting of the Quartz and Feldspar quarries operated by the Polat mine, and on raw material procurement.

2001 – 2002 Akmaden AS, Gn. art. Deputy I was in the management and administration of the company that has Feldspar production and ore preparation facility.

2002 – Esan Eczacibaşı AŞ, Production Planning Sor. Specialist, Business Development Manager, Development Manager, Technical Manager, Technical Services Director

In the beginning, open pit projects were carried out, and then as a Business development manager, market research of the products that can be produced from the existing quartz quarry and the project for the production of products with high added value from raw material resources, in the establishment of the quartz facility (100,000 t/year), product development from idle bentonite resources. , Management and administration of Esan R&D activities, various projects, nanoclay, nano  Ideas on the development of niche products such as halloysite, the establishment of the Balya Lead – Zinc plant and the opening of the underground quarry between 2007 and 2009, the feasibility, engineering, determination of the technology from the conceptual stage of the 2010-2016 Esan Metallic Mg plant, and finally the management and management of all stages of the investment. I worked in the realization of all steps such as planning, purchasing, tender, engineering,

I have been working as ESAN Magnesium Plant Director since January 2016.

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