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Facility-Specific Advanced Fire Response Team Training

Purpose of Education

It is the training of fire teams that will take part in fires that may occur in your facility and respond to fires.

To test the facility's fire response tools, materials and equipment and to actually perform the response operations in the emergency plan.

To apply the roles and responsibilities of the team in the fire organization on the event and scenario, to gain experience.

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Participants who are successful at the end of the training,

Education  target

  • Will be able to recognize combustion and fire chemically,

  • Recognize fire classes and fire hazards,

  • To know the properties and fighting techniques of solid, liquid and gas fires,

  • Recognize the features of fire extinguishing vehicles,

  • Know the fire extinguishing agents,

  • Know the properties and usage types of all extinguishing agents used in the facility,

  • By examining the Emergency Plan of the facility, they will learn the responsibilities and duties on the plan,

  • To know the extinguishing agents to be used in fire,

  • Will know the dangers in case of fire, recognize the areas that need to protect themselves,

  • Recognize the fire team organization,

  • Understand the role of fire team organization,

  • Provide communication and communication in events,

  • Recognize and use firefighting materials,

  • Able to use fresh air breathing set,

  • To be able to clean, fill and maintain the fresh air breathing set,

  • Able to lay and collect fire hose, establish a line at the time of the event,

  • Be able to make hydrant and record connections,

  • Will apply pressure water and foam work,

  • See and implement fire response scenarios at all fire risk points in the facility,

  • Know how to take and use water from all water sources of the enterprise,

  • Know and apply the pump operation of the fire truck, if available in the facility.

  • Being able to intervene in the event of a fire,

  • Will be able to intervene in the injured and loss of life,

  • Know and apply the techniques of injured transport.

Training Duration 5  is the day​

The training is five full days of practical training.

  • Practical training will be given in areas deemed appropriate by the occupational safety specialist and trainer within the business area.

Contact for Education Applications

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91


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