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Fire Truck Operator Training (Fire Truck Driver Training)

Purpose of Education

It is aimed to train and train the driver personnel who can carry materials, equipment and personnel, and use the response vehicles that can throw pressurized water and foam in events that require intervention such as fire, explosion, spread caused by dangerous chemicals, natural disasters that may occur in the whole or in a part of the workplace.

Image by Pat Whelen

Education  target

The skills that the participants will gain at the end of the training;

  • Combustion and fire components,

  • types of fire,

  • fire extinguishing agents,

  • Appropriate extinguisher selection,

  • extinguishing agents and their properties,

  • The dangers at the place and at the time of the fire,

  • Fire fighting vehicles and equipment,

  • Fire response vehicles and their features (Firefighter vehicles),

  • Vehicle bastion at the fire site,

  • Safety of fire vehicles in traffic,

  • Pump systems in fire vehicles,

  • Pressurized foam and water systems in fire vehicles,

  • Water and foam work with monitor in fire vehicles,

  • Water and foam work with fire tools

  • Presentation of the vehicle belonging to the enterprise and application with the vehicle.


Participants who are successful at the end of the training,
will be given.

Training Period 1  is the day​

1 day.
Half day theoretical training,

Half-day Practice Training,

  • Practical training will be given in areas deemed appropriate by the occupational safety specialist and trainer within the business area.

Contact for Education Applications

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91


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