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Fire Safety Current Situation Evaluation Reporting Service

Purpose of Education

It includes the detection and photographing of nonconformities related to all processes and parts of your business, especially emergency situations and accidents, and the preparation of appropriate corrective and preventive suggestions for your risks, specific to your business, within the framework of basic legislation.

The prepared report was presented to the management and organized in the form of the current situation of the enterprise and a suggestion / control study.

Carrying out studies to prevent combustion, fire, accidents and incidents that may occur due to natural disasters, work accidents and production risks in the facility, to detect, monitor and determine the possible risks and inconveniences of the facility in the current situation, within the framework of the legislation,

It is the examination and determination of issues such as personnel, safety instructions, emergency plans, materials, equipment in possible emergency situations of the facility and sharing the current situation of the enterprise with the responsible working team.

Education  target

At the end of this study;

  • Determining what should be in the business in line with legal regulations,

  • Observing the current state of the facility,

  • Identification of existing risks and hazards,

  • Prioritizing and scheduling,

  • All data will be reported and presented.

Image by Aleksey Shkitenkov

Service Period

  1. Fieldwork:
    A 3-4 day study is planned. (The duration of the fieldwork will vary according to the architecture, geographical location and conditions of the enterprise.

  2. Presentation of the Report:
    The report is completed within 1 month and the report is presented to the business management. After the presentation, an action plan is created in the enterprise regarding the priority things to be done.

  3. Work is carried out with pictures, video and sound recordings. These materials are used in the study report.

Contact for Education Applications

Phone:          +90 216 349 95 91


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