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Corporate Training Programs

Employee Health and Safety Training Programs

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People Management and Leadership in Employee Health and Safety (EHS)

Intended for leadership skills about people management and occupational health and safety; they will gain knowledge and skill about human-work- organization-the relationship of management and leadership by reviewing, behavior-oriented leadership and lead the change with perspective of behavior analysis 


Doç Dr İdil Işık

Assoc. Prof. İdil Işık

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Achieving Success in Change Processes

Changing economic and social conditions of today's at the speed of light require us to adapt more effectively to our environment. At this point, managing values successfully within the organization has become very important. In this training, we will learn the cornerstones of change processes, and we will get the chance to experience corporate change as if it were leading to real change through a simulation developed by Harvard Business School on change.


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Electricity Safety Training

Informing the metallurgical sector managers about basic electrical principles, knowing the hazards caused by electricity, enlighten about short circuit and electrodes in arc furnace plant, power coefficient, smoothness of electrical grid and protection from work accidents at metal melting plant. 


Ali Turan


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Lifting and Carrying Works Safety Training

Administrators who work in the metallurgy sector, to have information about legal regulations related to safe lifting handling, to recognize the safety criteria of the equipment used in lifting handling works, to gain knowledge and skills the personnel who will be involved in the operation and preparation of lifting plans.


Ali Turan


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Confined Space Operations and Skill Course Training

Areas with a limited volume, a limited amount of air in them and designed as a working place are called indoor environments.They are areas that are not designed for continuous operation and have limited enters and exits. The aim of the training is to train employees who will work in indoor environments and areas and take part in emergency situations that may occur in these areas.

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Chemical Accident Response Team Training

Creating response team who is responsible for emergency plan and will make the first response to a possible chemical spill that will occur during storage, transportation and use of chemical subtances such as explosive, flammable, carcinogenic, irritating substances that are used in plants.


This team is aimed to be able to clean chemical spills and scatters, recognize and use appropriate equipment and personal protective equipment.

Makinesinde dişleri

Machinery Safety Training

this training aims to provide knowledge to the participants about the European Union Technical Legislation and EU Legislation reflections to Turkey, learning Machine Safety Regulations requirements and analyzing hazard in machines which are used in plants, assessment of risks and minimize that, increasing of safety level.  


Ali Turan


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Drill and Scenario Planning Service

The aim of this training is planning the drills according to the existing hazards in the plants within the framework of the legislation, writing scenarios within framework of emergency situations by responsible employees in the teams who are prepared in case of emergency situations and gain the ability to apply this scenario in accordance with the legislation by the business and employees.


This service includes the preparation of the drill result report and sharing it with the managers of plants.

Image by Dmitry Ratushny

Clean Air Respiration Device Training

Emergency teams (fire fighting, search and rescue, evacuation and first aid), which created due course of law in our country, introducing the use of the personal protective equipment of clean air device to the personnel who works in gas and dusty environments where taking breath is difficult or impossible.

Image by Aleksey Shkitenkov

Fire Safety Current Situation Assessment & Reporting Service

It includes identifying, photographing, and preparing appropriate corrective and preventive recommendations in accordance with the basic regulations for your risks, especially in the case of emergencies and accidents, all processes and parts of your business.

The prepared report is presented to the management and organized as a proposal / control study.

To be able to determine, observe and determine the possible risks and improprieties of the facility in the current situation, to avoid the occurrence of burning, fire, accidents and incidents that may occur due to natural disasters, work accidents and production risks in the facility.

Examination, determination of personnel, safety instructions, contingency plans, materials, equipment, case of a possible emergency, and sharing of the current state of the business with the responsible working team.

Kroki tartışırken mimarlar

Communication for Supporting Healthy and Safe Behavior in the Metal Sector

Mid level managers and junior administrative officers at the end of this training program will be able to reporting the development, giving orders, approving, censuring, explaining policies, solve the disagreements, encouraging. They start using strong communication models by making skill development  While performing the actions of employees to which content, which methods to transfer, will reviewing how to give feedback to employees within the framework of empathetic communication approaches by obtain new information.

Participants will understand the benefits of communicating with employees using participatory and bi-directional communication techniques to produce healthy and safe business results in the enterprise.



Instructor See. Elif SUNGUR

Image by Giancarlo Revolledo

Basic Disaster Awareness Training

This training aims to identify all hazards intended for disasters that occur frequently in our country, especially earthquakes and to minimize the possibility of risk occurring or to reduce its intensity. Gain the right behaviors and approaches of Basic disaster awareness culture to be done before, during and after the disaster to employees.

Image by Arny Mogensen

Facility-Specific Advanced Fire-Fighting Team Training

It is the training of fire teams that will be involved in fires that may be in your facility and will interfere to fires.

To test the facility using fire interference vehicles, materials and equipment and to perform the interference operations in the emergency plan.

To apply the roles and responsibilities of the team in fire organization on the event and scenario, to gain experience.

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Risk Assessment Training

The aim of this training is to provide the metallurgical sector managers who will participate in the risk assessment process with the knowledge and skills to evaluate the risks that may arise from occupational accident and occupational disease hazards.


Ali Turan


Yangın söndürücü

Basic Fire-Fighting Training

To inform employees about burning and fire, to recognize the necessary intervention equipment in order to be able to interfere to fire at the start of the fire, to ensure that they can use it with the right method.

Image by Pat Whelen

Fire Engine Operator Training (Fire Truck Driving Training)

It is aimed to train and the driver personnel who will use interference vehicles that can carry materials, equipment and personnel, throw pressurized water and foam in the event of fire, explosion, spreading of dangerous chemicals, natural disasters that may occur in all or part of the workplace.

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